Perfect Language is a multilingual translation agency which has built up a reputation for professionalism, accuracy and excellence in the translation industry since its inception in 1986. Our niche market is the pharmaceutical industry, where we specialise in the translation of pharmaceutical texts, which include Informed Consent Forms, Patient Inserts and Patient Information Leaflets.

The business is owned and managed by Rozanne Tonkin and Anne Seemela, who work together with a team of highly professional and experienced freelance translators to deliver translations of the highest standard. Many of these translators have worked with Perfect Language for over 10 years.

“We have faith in the skills, experience and work ethic of our company, and this is borne out by the relationships we have established with major companies over the years.”

Our Clients

Let our professionalism translate into your success


At Perfect Language, we offer translations in all 11 South African official languages, as well as Portuguese (pure and Mozambican), French (pure and French based on African dialects), German and Spanish. Responding to market demands, we recently expanded our translator base to include Mandarin, Arabic, Farsi, Luganda and Swahili.


Our expertise covers a wide base, and we specialise in text and terminology relating to the medical, motor, mining and environmental industries, as well as advertising agencies and universities. We are proud to count a number of prominent pharmaceutical companies among our clients.